Source code for dragonfly.accessibility.controller

from six                      import text_type

from dragonfly.actions        import Key, Mouse, Text
from dragonfly.accessibility  import base
from dragonfly.accessibility  import utils

[docs]class AccessibilityController(object): """OS-independent controller for accessing accessibility functionality.""" def __init__(self, os_controller): self.os_controller = os_controller self.os_controller.start() self.stopped = False
[docs] def stop(self): """Stops the controller (otherwise process exit may be blocked).""" self.os_controller.stop() self.stopped = True
[docs] def is_editable_focused(self): """True if an editable text field is focused.""" return utils.is_editable_focused(self.os_controller)
[docs] def move_cursor(self, text_query, position): """Moves the cursor before or after text that matches the provided query.""" return utils.move_cursor(self.os_controller, text_query, position)
[docs] def select_text(self, text_query): """Selects text which matches the provided query.""" try: return utils.select_text(self.os_controller, text_query) except base.UnsupportedSelectionError: # Fall back to mouse-based text selection. text_info = utils.get_text_info(self.os_controller, text_query) if text_info and text_info.start_coordinates and text_info.end_coordinates: Mouse("[%d, %d], left:down, [%d, %d]/10, left:up" % (text_info.start_coordinates + text_info.end_coordinates)).execute() return True else: return False
[docs] def replace_text(self, text_query, replacement): """Replaces text which matches the provided query.""" saved_cursor = utils.get_cursor_offset(self.os_controller) text_info = utils.get_text_info(self.os_controller, text_query) if not text_info: return cursor_before = text_info.end if self.select_text(text_query): # Replace text. if replacement: replacement = text_type(replacement).lower() if text_info.text and text_info.text.isupper(): replacement = replacement.upper() elif text_info.text and text_info.text[0].isupper(): replacement = replacement.capitalize() Text(replacement.replace("%", "%%")).execute() else: # Delete the selected text with a single backspace. Note that # the user may want to delete the preceding whitespace as well, # and in order to do that they should simply include that # ("space bar") in the text they dictate. The problem is that # some editors (e.g. Google Docs) do this automatically, so we # can't simply always use 2 backspaces when a word is deleted. Key("backspace").execute() # Restore cursor position. if saved_cursor is not None: if saved_cursor <= text_info.start: utils.set_cursor_offset(self.os_controller, saved_cursor) elif saved_cursor <= text_info.end: # Saved cursor is within changed region, leave as-is. pass else: cursor_after = utils.get_cursor_offset(self.os_controller) if cursor_after: utils.set_cursor_offset(self.os_controller, saved_cursor + cursor_after - cursor_before)