Source code for dragonfly.accessibility

from contextlib import contextmanager
import sys

from . import controller

from .utils import (CursorPosition, TextQuery)

if sys.platform.startswith("win"):
    from . import ia2
    os_controller_class = ia2.Controller
elif sys.platform.startswith("linux"):
    from . import atspi
    os_controller_class = atspi.Controller
    os_controller_class = None

controller_instance = None

[docs]def get_accessibility_controller(): """Get the OS-independent accessibility controller which is the gateway to all accessibility functionality. Returns None if OS is not supported.""" global controller_instance if os_controller_class and (not controller_instance or controller_instance.stopped): os_controller = os_controller_class() controller_instance = controller.AccessibilityController(os_controller) return controller_instance
[docs]@contextmanager def get_stopping_accessibility_controller(): """Same as :func:`get_accessibility_controller`, but automatically stops when used in a `with` context.""" yield get_accessibility_controller() if controller_instance: controller_instance.stop()